Vancouver, BC


Graham & Shannon Goertzen

The Goertzens work with young people ages 10 - 24, but their main focus is with high school students. They desire to establish nurturing and caring relationships and to invite them to be part of a Christ-centered community - the Church.

Much of the Goertzen’s ministry happens on high school campuses in east Vancouver. They serve where needed. Since 1994, it's been an amazing journey of grace and opportunity that can only be described as miraculous. Through their involvement with students on campus they are able to invite them to after-school events, trips and clubs.

One such outreach club happens at Reality Church in east Vancouver. This expanding and dynamic group of kids crave attention, and love the family/community feel of the amazing volunteer team. Road trips and service trips are also planned throughout the year to order to invest into the young people’s lives.

Prayer Requests

  • Continued favor as we serve schools in East Vancouver.
  • For more staff to come and serve this ministry.
  • For new financial support from younger generations.
  • Discernment with respect to moving into east Vancouver.
  • Financial resources to help with healing for Parker and Shannon.