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Welcome to the Band Resources Page!

This is where you’ll find weekly updates with regards to serving with the Willingdon Church Orchestra. Check back regularly to stay in-the-know for rehearsals, weekend services, special events, and more!

COVID-19: Willingdon Church Updates

Important Notes:

  • All Willingdon Church gatherings have been suspended until further notice. The church building will be CLOSED. Please refer to the letters from Pastor Ray as well as Penny Fuchihara on behalf of Elders, found on the right-side menu of this webpage. (Originally, the closure was set for March 14th to 29th. In light of the ever-changing circumstances, we do not have a set date for when the church will reopen.)
  • Be sure to stay connected and check out Willingdon's LIVESTREAM weekend worship services (Saturday, 5:30pm; Sunday, 8:30am/10am/11:45am)! Visit the church website (main page) to attend!

General Reminders

If you haven't already, please read over the documents available on the side menu of this page. This outlines the ministry philosophy and expectations.


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Other Notes