Willingdon is a family where everyone is on mission with Jesus. We are reaching out globally and locally to make a kingdom impact on the world around us. How might you be called to reach out this season?


Global and Local Ministries

We desire to invest the skills, spiritual gifts and resources of our church family in giving assistance to missionaries and ministries that are expanding God’s Kingdom in different parts of the world. Our desire is to see people decide to make Jesus Lord of their life, and to see churches established that are led by godly, growing leaders.

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Community Outreach

Community Engagement

Our mission as a church remains the same even in uncertain times, to know Jesus personally and to carry on His ministry. As followers of Jesus, we are called to be ambassadors of His love in our family, neighborhood, city, and beyond. Jesus’ heart broke for the hurting, the poor, the outcast, and the vulnerable at all times. In carrying on his ministry in Burnaby and beyond, these platforms will give opportunities to show Jesus’ love practically.

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