Phone Ministry


Reaching into the homes of visitors and congregants who are not otherwise connected.

The goal of the Phone Ministry is to share the love of Jesus and encourage people to seek a closer walk with God, seeing this evidenced through involvement in our church ministries. We accomplish this goal through:

Prayer upholds this ministry and remains an integral part of the Phone Ministry. We pray for each team member individually, we pray prior to making our calls and prayer is offered during each phone call. Prayer requests noted on the Welcome/Prayer Cards are recorded and followed up with prayer and by telephone contact. Innumerable people are prayed with and touched through the Phone Ministry.

Visitor Follow-Up
When a visitor fills out a Welcome/Prayer Card, we contact that person within the first week of their visit. Our volunteer extends a warm welcome, thanks them for visiting Willingdon Church and invites them back to join us. This follow-up serves as a wonderful opportunity to introduce Willingdon’s various ministries, Discovery Classes and Bible Study Small Groups.

Care & Birthday Calls
As people decide to make Willingdon Church their home, they are added to our database as regular attendees and members. We then contact them on their birthday and if they are not involved in a defined ministry, a Care Caller Volunteer will phone them six months after their birthday in order to maintain contact, minister and pray about any needs or concerns.