Willingdon on Mission

The Willingdon On Mission podcast is designed to give God glory by telling stories of how He is working around the world. Tune in to hear interviews with our missionaries, partner mission agencies, and others from the Willingdon Church family who are engaging on mission in an inspiring way.

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Willingdon On Mission: Johann Matthies

March 1, 2023

Johann provides leadership to the mission efforts of Multiply (formerly MB Mission) in Europe and Central Asia. In this episode, Johann gives us a glimpse of ministry efforts in Ukraine over this past year of military conflict.

Willingdon On Mission: Karen Sanchez

February 15, 2023

Karen and her husband Ricky serve in Thailand. In this episode, she shares some thoughts on missionary life, whether missionaries are still needed, and gives us a glimpse into some of the ministry efforts they are engaged in.

Willingdon On Mission: Antony Law

November 9, 2022

Antony Law has recently started a role with OMF, serving the East Asian Diaspora in Western Canada. No idea what that means? Have a listen to find out!

Willingdon On Mission: Craig Palmer

October 26, 2022

Craig Palmer serves with Wycliffe Canada, an organization that primarily focuses on Bible translation. Here’s an opportunity to get to know one of Willingdon’s newest missionaries.

Willingdon On Mission: Kiana Liu

October 12, 2022

In this episode, Kiana, one of Willingdon’s newest missionaries, shares some of her life journey. She also gives us a glimpse into the ministry of House of Omeed, the organization she serves with.