Program Details


Willingdon Church Internship is a one-year program that will prepare participants for life-long ministry in the context of the local church.  In keeping with 2 Timothy 2:2, our desire is together to accomplish the following:

Biblical and Theological Knowledge

Biblical Foundations - To Solidify Biblical Theological Understanding and Biblical Application

Approximately one-third of an Intern's time will be spent in theological training.  This will include extensive theological study as well as interactive discussions in theology and ministry philosophy.

  • Biblical and Systematic Theology
    Each week Interns will meet together with a pastor to discuss not only the theology reading but how they apply in the daily teaching and life of a church.
  • Monthly Book Discussion
    Each month a book will be assigned to read and discuss as an intern team.  These books deal with some of the contemporary discussions within the church such as understanding how to do multicultural ministry in an urban setting
  • Philosophy of Ministry
    All ministry needs a clear philosophy to guide it. Effective ministry leaders are not only aware of their ministry philosophy but also actively seek to communicate and shape it into their ministry areas. Throughout the year various ministry leaders will come to discuss their philosophy of ministry with the intern team.  Areas discussed include church leadership (Elders / church boards), marriage counseling, missions, church planting, recruiting and caring for volunteers and how to bring changes within a church, as well as many informal discussions of ministry life as it arises.


Ministry - To Develop Ministry Skills

The other two thirds of an Intern's time will be spent serving in various bi-key ministry areas within Willingdon Church:  Missions, International Language Missions, Church Planting, Youth, Discipleship Ministries. Interns will spend time in multiple minitry areas, learning from a variety of pastors as they participate and lead various ministry responsibilities in each area.

Interns will be expected to demonstrate leadership and initiative while still working within a team under the direction of the overseeing pastor.  They should also expect regular feedback both on those aspects of their assignment that they did well as well as those areas that they need to continue to improve on.

All interns will also participate in church-wide ministry events, as well as attending all Pastoral Team meetings, bi-weekly staff devotion and prayer time, and any Elder meeting to which they are invited.

The goal is to give interns real life ministry experience that allows them to learn and grow under the leadership and direction of pastors who have recognized ministry experience in their fields.  

Key Ministry Areas:

  • Discipleship  Ministry
    Care Ministry/ Pastoral Counselling   |  Phone Ministry  |  Prayer Ministry   |   Visitation   |   Memorial & Funerals   |   Practical Care   |  Benevolent   |   Support Groups   |   Seniors  |  Community Outreach Evanglism & Outreach (Discovery & Alpha)  | Adult Education |  Small Groups  | Batpism & Membership |  Marriage  |  Men  |  Women  |  Singles  |
  • Youth Ministry (Urban Student Ministry)
    Gr. 6&7   |   Gr. 8-10    |  Gr. 11&12   |   College (18-30)
  • Mission
    Local Missions  |   Adult Education  |  International Missions  |  Short Term Missions Teams  | International Language Missions   


Character - To developing a Christ centered, God honoring interior life that will guide your life and leadership

As an Intern, you will be paired with one of the Willingdon Church Elders.  You will meet with that Elder monthly to examine your own heart and character in the midst of ministry.  The Elder will act as a sounding board and mentor as you serve.

You will also participate in group devotional practices and participate in an intentional disciple making group.