Family Outreach Opportunity

House of Omeed

If you have been considering how your family can serve together, there are some great opportunities to do so with the House of Omeed. The House of Omeed is a local registered Charitable Organization supported by churches and organizations that seeks to journey alongside refugee families, newcomers to Canada and people in the Middle East while meeting their needs and sharing the precious love of Christ. See below for some of the ways your family can get involved!

Here are some ways you can volunteer:

• Picking up some big bags of different kinds of spices or beans and everything else needed to divide into small plastic bag sizes. Heat sealing machine and plastic bags would be provided and kids can do this together with adults supervising. The filled bags would then be returned.
• On Thursdays usually, we have a food delivery afternoon. A smaller family can help to sort the food out and
prepare the space for Friday distribution.
• Christian families can be connected with a refugee family new to Canada (mostly Muslim or from an Islamic background). Committing to a few hours per month, the Christian family can decide on an activity and host the refugee family to connect with them. Some possible ideas for these activities can include taking them for a walk around Deer Lake, taking them to a restaurant or an experience that would be difficult for them to do on their own, or even invite them over for a meal (there’s nothing like sharing life and food to open hearts). As friendships are formed, opportunities to share the gospel with them may arise.

Would you prayerfully consider serving the Lord together and growing as a family? If you are interested in serving as a family with the House of Omeed and would like to know more, please contact Kiana Liu, the Outreach Coordinator of the House of Omeed, and a member of Willingdon Church.