Qualifications & Finances



  • Completion of at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized school or institution
  • Commitment to life-long ministry within the context of a local church
  • Agreement with the theological framework of Willingdon Church 
  • Ministry volunteer or work experience
  • Competency in the English language
  • Willingdon Church holds a complementarian understanding of the roles of men and women in a ministry.  As such we welcome both men and women to apply for the Internship program as we know that God has gifted both for ministry in the church.  Therefore both men and women who apply should hold to a complementarian theology, understanding that while there will be many ministry opportunities for both men and women, some of the ministry opportunities for women will be different than those for men.



Since the intern will be joining the staff team of Willingdon Church, an appropriate salary will be offered. Along with the salary come expectations and accountability regarding workload and ministry involvement.

Start Date and Deadline

The Internship program starts in September of each year.  We accept application starting January 1st of the same year that you are applying for.  Those wanting priority consideration are encouraged to submit their applications early.  

Apply Now

We are now accepting applications for the 21'-22' season