Wise Words To Gullible People

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proverbs 1:8-33

We live in a world that sometimes glorifies criminals. Movies about the perfect bank robbery, the classy art thief, or a great casino caper abound. But underneath this is the seamy side of life. Gangs that attract youth with the promise of fast money, enviable power and deep belonging to a group are a part of what attracts youth to a life of crime in the lower mainland. However, our recent spate of drug related gang violence is only one symptom of a far deeper problem. It is the problem of the self directed life (the life of the fool) as opposed to the wisdom directed life.

The people most susceptible to folly are those who are inexperienced, gullible and naive. The great danger is that the young are sometimes thrust into decisions long before they have the capacity to choose well. Today, we will learn the role, both of parents and of God in giving wisdom to the young and inexperienced in life.