Уроки из триумфального входа Иисуса в Иерусалим

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Matthew 21:1-11

Today is the Palm Sunday. It is the day Jesus entered Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowds laying down palm branches for his donkey to ride on. By Friday the crowds would turn against him. The whole city which just 5 days earlier had hailed him as their messiah now screamed in frenzied hatred, “crucify him”.

I fear the significance of Palm Sunday is often missed. We see it merely as a signal that Easter is one week away. Or, it often seems to us as no more than a tragic symbol of the fickleness of humanity. We often dismiss Palm Sunday as only the setting or background of the drama. We seldom view it as a drama itself, that has much to teach us about Jesus, his kingship and how we should think about the Christian life.

But before we get to that, let us remember that Palm Sunday really does set the stage for the great drama of the cross and the resurrection.