Stopping To Ponder The Wonder

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014 - Sunday Service

Luke 2:1-20

Have you ever been present when a baby was born? It seems like the universe stops for few brief moments and the heavens gaze in wonder. A new life! Unfortunately, as that same person ages and becomes familiar, we often fail to look at him or her with the same sense of amazement.

In the same way, when we first hear the story of Jesus’ birth, we are dumbfounded – the stable, the animals, the shepherds, the star, the wise men. We identify with Jesus in his fragility and enter the story with a sense of awe. The Son of God in a manger!

And then, the story becomes familiar and we no longer stop to ponder. How can we recapture the wonder of Jesus’ birth again?