The Spirit-Kindled Church

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015 - Connection Service

Acts 12:25-13:3

At some point in life, every person will ask questions around the meaning of life. What am I here for?  What is the reason for my life? What is my mission? These questions exploring the significance of life inspire poets, novelists and playwrights. People write stories.  

From a Christian perspective, no greater personal significance can be imagined than a life significant to God. We exist for God’s glory and His delight! As followers of Jesus, we are members of the family of God. Our individual stories are part of the tapestry of a larger, family story – God’s story!

What would it look like for our church to live for God’s glory and delight? What would it look like to live a life significant to God together? How has he crafted us for His story? How would God reveal His plans and His heart for us? And how would our individual stories be included in the larger story?