Energy Transfer

Sunday, September 8, 2019

190908-1000 French

Acts 1:1-11

If we were to ask a sociologist how Willingdon got to where it is today, he or she might say, “Oh, that’s easy! First, Willingdon has an excellent location, right at the center of Metro Vancouver. Second, the founding members decided to change the language of the services from German to English making it accessible to its Burnaby neighbours. Third, with the succeeding waves of immigration, the church provided the translation of its services in ten languages.” Are we just here today due to language and location? How did we get here? Why do we exist? Where are we going? What must we do today?


Current Series



E-transfer does not refer to a financial transaction.  Rather, the "E" refers to the energy received from the person of the Holy Spirit to carry on the ministry of Jesus.   As we examine stories of the early church from the Book of Acts (six weeks), we will consider God's vision for Willingdon in the 21st century.  Following this overview, we will study what God has to say to us about spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12-14). Spiritual gifts are the way God has chosen to empower us, so that we might live out the vision he has called us to.  The purpose of the series is for God inspire and empower all his people at Willingdon to participate in his mission to Metro Vancouver, Canada and the world.