How do I quench my thirst?

Sunday, September 6, 2020


Psalms 42

The trellis is a common support used to get plants off the ground and growing upward. Supported by a trellis, plants become more fruiGul and producHve. Each of us has a personal trellis, rhythms and pracHces we follow to support our spiritual lives. Did your personal trellis enable you to thrive this summer?

In Psalm 42, the songwriter asks, “When can I get back to fesHve worship gatherings in the temple to quench my thirst?” Prior to COVID-19, many of us had weekend church gatherings as the foundaHon of our trellis, so it is natural for us to ask, “When can we go back to having our weekend gatherings?” Perhaps this quesHon dominates your thinking.

How do we quench our thirst in this unusual season?