Specks and Planks

Sunday, February 7

February 6 & 7, 2021 - Willingdon Church Service

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Matthew 7:1-6

Why does Jesus talk about specks and planks? Let’s set the context. In his sermon, Jesus has been talking about what it looks like to live the culture of heaven on earth. He addresses topics like these: murder, anger and insult; lust, adultery and divorce; deception, injustice and retaliation; rusting treasures, inner darkness

and enslavement to money; anxieties around food, clothing and shelter; people who give, pray and fast for public applause and then see themselves as more righteous than others. There are so many things we can observe in others and, as a consequence, it is so easy to judge!

I would say we live in the age of entitlement, self-righteousness and judgment. A very casual cruelty is pervasive on social media. On the internet, websites
are dedicated to exposing other Christians for their heresy, moral failings and hypocrisy. When does discernment become judgement? Are we to suspend all critical thinking? When do we extend grace and when do we speak truth? Is it possible to do both?