2020 Winter Sermon Series


February 2, 2020

Who Can Stand?

2020 Vision - Revelation


Have you noticed how depressing or frightening end of the world movies are? Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic movies are never good news. Zombies, natural disasters, global melt down or a new ice age or the loss of all food sources. It’s all bad news. In the Christian world there has often been fear and terror when we think of the end of the world and of Christ’s return and his final judgment of humanity.

Revelation 6 ended with the question, “Who can stand?” Well your waiting is over. Today Chapter 7 answers the question, “who can stand?” In the midst of this bad news story of the end of the world where we learn about the judgement of humanity, the final judgement of Satan and the full establishment of God’s kingdom, there is great news both for us and for the first readers that John was writing to.