December 17, 2023

A Song of Tender Mercy


Have you ever waited for something for a long time? Perhaps graduation day after 12 long years of schooling. Maybe your wedding day after a lengthy and impatient engagement. Or finding a new job, or completing the rigorous process to receive your permanent residence card. We are all waiting for something.

Now, let’s go a little deeper. What are you longing for? Longing has to do with “burning desire.” What are you longing for? Do you dare to hope?

Culturally, we often express our longings in song. As I searched for contemporary songs that spoke to earnest desire, I found a slew of songs about romantic love. Our hearts long for so much more than romance: true love, forgiveness, belonging, purpose, peace.

God speaks to these deeper longings with tender mercy. This is the overriding theme of Zechariah’s song of praise. Because of God’s tender mercy, we are …

  1. Saved to Serve Fearlessly.
  2. Granted knowledge to be forgiven completely.
  3. Enlightened to be fully at peace.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Are you resting in complete forgiveness and peace?
  2. How has your salvation in Jesus led you to serve God fearlessly?