December 25, 2021

Awakened by the Song

Christmas 2021 - Awakenings


What are the origins of Boxing Day?  In 19th century England, December 26th was a day that wealthy English people gave time off to their servants.  Masters gave their servants boxes with Christmas presents and food in them to take home to their families.

In Canada, most people think of Boxing Day as a time to take advantage of great deals.  In the past, shoppers waited anxiously for Boxing Day to arrive – and then would face rain and snow and hours in line to get their prized merchandise.  I remember standing in line about 15 years ago at A & B Sound because I had my eyes on a TV and DVD player.  The following Boxing Day I think it was an iPod.

While writing this message in mid-December, I went online only to discover that Boxing Day deals were already available.  No need to wait.  No need to stand in line.  I could just visit my favourite store’s website and go shopping!  If you are in line somewhere today, watching this message on your smartphone, I am so sorry.  Believe me.  There is a better way.