Sermon Series - Romans - Does All Mean All - Spring 2021



April 11, 2021

Some Really Good News

Does All Mean All - Romans


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Romans 1:1-7


In Paul’s letter to the Romans, we have the most sustained, comprehensive exposition of the great truths of the Gospel set out in logical fashion: the human condition, justi cation by faith alone, salvation through Christ alone, union with Christ, life in the Spirit, adoption into the family of God, and so on. Its teaching transcends time, place, and culture. It is about God speaking to the world, to people like you and me.

Paul’s focus in Romans is on the “good news” (gospel) of God. In the ancient world, conquering kings would send messengers with the good news of
victory, of extended power and authority, to their people. The gospel of God is a pronouncement of God’s kingdom come, not just good advice to be followed. Paul did not invent the Gospel; it was entrusted to him.