Sermon Series - Romans - Does All Mean All - Spring 2021



May 2, 2021

Have It Your Way (But Do We Really Want It Our Way?)

Does All Mean All - Romans


Admittedly, these verses are hard to read. We are parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, singles, and married who wrestle with the meaning of the passage. We may be hearing some things in the text that clash with our way of seeing things. We may not be guilty of all the vices listed by Paul, but we have probably seen too many of the evils listed in our own lives. For example, I hate seeing pride in my own heart.

The verses are dif cult because they address an “elephant in the room,” as it were. The “elephant in the room” is what everyone sees but no one wants to address because talking about it would be explosive. But, if there is a massive, disruptive “elephant in the room” that is destroying everything in our lives, we need to identify it and deal with it, not ignore it or try to suppress it. Sometimes we need to hear the bad news in order to receive the good news. Let’s approach today’s text with humility and be open to what God is saying.

Questions for Reflection:

  • In what areas do you struggle with idolatry?
  • How do you continue to hope for transformation, in your own life and the lives of those around you, when so many see no need for personal change?
  • Does anything need to change in your heart for you to be a person who welcomes all?
  • How do you engage in conversation with people who see no need to submit to or even consider their Creator?