March 21, 2021


This Changes Everything - 2021 Easter Series


We live in a world where there are promises all around us, and so many of the choices we make in life revolve around the promises we believe. It feels pretty great when promises are kept, and things turn out how we expect, but we can also be hurt deeply when people break their promises.

We need to ask ourselves: What promises are we believing, and what promises can we trust? The promises that we believe will powerfully shape how we make decisions and what we expect from life.

Genesis 3:1-7, 14-15 speaks to the reality and importance of promises. This message will focus on 3 promises that are found in this passage as they are some of the most profound and consequential promises in all of history.

These promises are important because they represent choices that lead to life, and choices that lead to death. The first 2 promises we will look at are the promises that the serpent and the world made, and they are promises that lead to death. The last promise is made by God and it leads to life.