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November 15, 2020

I AM Kadosh

I AM the Holy One


The name “Holy One” means “set apart”, unlike any other, righteous and perfect. God never makes mistakes, and always does what is right. That is SO different from us! As a Holy God, He must be treated with respect and worship – and the 10 Commandments and Tabernacle are ways that God reminded His people about His character. The 10 Commandments show what living for a Holy God looks like, and the Tabernacle allows us to experience how special and set apart our God is. The wonderful thing, is that Jesus made a way for us to be close to this holy and perfect God. He lived God’s law perfectly, He made his dwelling, or Tabernacle IN US. Because of that, we too could be people who are set apart and holy, just like our Holy God.


  • God of Wow – Sovereign Grace Music, Bob Kauflin
  • At the Top of My Lungs – Orange Kids Music, Joseph Clark
  • Build my Life – Pat Barrett