April 2, 2022

Jesus' Table Conversation

Easter Series 2022


Do you remember a significant meal which marked your life?  As I pondered this question, I remembered a meal beside the Congo River in Kinshasa, DRC. I had spent a few weeks working on some difficult projects with Congolese brothers and sisters. It was our last evening together. So, they took me to a restaurant in downtown Kinshasa. We ate crocodile.  

It was meaningful for me, not only because it was the first time I was eating crocodile, but more importantly, because of the things we shared. We had lived through something together. We were brothers and sisters in Christ. They were making a sacrifice to bless me. They wanted to do it. Because of the setting, the journey, the relationship, and the sacrifice, the moment was filled with meaning. 

Around the world, families and friends gather around meals. They share food, socialize and bond. Each culture celebrates important moments around special meals. For disciples of Jesus, the Lord’s Supper is the big one. What does Jesus say to his disciples as they recline around the Passover meal, hours before his crucifixion?