April 9, 2022

Facing Crisis Jesus' Way

Easter Series 2022


To be human is to face crises.  A crisis is “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.”  It is often a time when a difficult decision has to be made.

We are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  We are in a state of shock, but we’ve been told that we need to decide on a path of treatment quickly.

Our supervisor asks us to do something we consider to be unethical and we have to make a decision. We really need the work, but the supervisor’s request violates our conscience.

We are in a long-term relationship that has gone toxic.  The relationship is affecting our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.  How long should we wait for change?  

On our school campus, we are being pressured to conform to certain behaviors which we consider to be wrong.  If we don’t conform, our friends will exclude us.

We endure difficulty, experience pain and suffer from anxiety.  Every one of us faces crises.  The question is:  How should we face crises?  How does Jesus face His greatest crisis?