December 5, 2020

Finding Hope in the Shadows

Christmas Series 2020


If there has ever been a time that has felt like we live “in the shadows,” it is now. How long will this season last? We don’t know. How deep will the health, economic, mental, or spiritual impact be? We don’t know. There is so much that we don’t know. How do you find light in the shadows?

But I will tell you something about Covid that I do know; Covid has proven to be a powerful revealer of what we have built our lives on. Covid reveals our fears, dependencies, and insecurities. What has Covid revealed to you?

Covid has revealed where we need hope. I think it is very timely that the first weekend of advent is when the hope candle is lit; if we need anything today, it’s hope! There have been many dark days when people felt hopeless. Today’s text speaks into one of those times in history when hope was needed, but we’re not just looking for inspiration from history. The words God spoke to the people 2500 years ago speak directly into our lives today.