December 12, 2020

The Seed of Peace

Christmas Series 2020


The God who makes order out of chaos desires that ALL of life be arranged according to His design. The Hebrew word for this is “shalom,” usually translated as “peace” into English. The world longs for peace at every level, in hearts, homes, neighbourhoods, and between nations. The Bible shows that a true hope for lasting peace must come from outside ourselves. The book of Isaiah is one long exhortation to completely trust in God, and Isaiah refers several times to the coming Ruler.

The Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 9:6-7 echoed through the angels who had appeared in the night sky at the birth of Jesus, when unsuspecting shepherds became swept up in a vision of God’s glory. Isaiah had said that a light had dawned for those walking in darkness, and that “light” was a metaphor for hope. But on the hillside that night, a literal light shone for the shepherds. The angels announced a peace for all of humankind, now available through the child who had just been born.

This message in Isaiah 9:6-7 is one of the clearest descriptions of the character and mission of the coming Messiah, our Lord Jesus.