2020 Spring Sermon Series


May 3, 2020

Stronger Together

No Matter What - Philippians


Last Sunday, the largest single-show broadcast in Canadian history, Stronger Together, was aired. It was a TV special packed with famous Canadian names from across the worlds of music sports, science, activism, TV, and cinema. They showed up in support of Food Banks Canada, which is running a $150-million coronavirus campaign, seeking to provide support to food banks across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stronger Together was also a national salute to front-line workers combating the virus. The broadcast saw more than two dozen TV, radio, and streaming platforms donate their airtime for the 90-plus minute, commercial-free presentation. The show represented an unprecedented collaboration between Insight Productions, Bell Media Studios, and CBC/Radio-Canada. It’s amazing what a crisis will inspire people to do together.

As a church family, what do we do to be stronger together in this season?