2020 Fall Sermon Series


September 27, 2020

Three Ways To Leave

The Beautiful Way - Matthew


Adam and Eve, the first humans, faced temptations in the Garden of Eden. They took the fruit of the tree because it was good for food, pleasing to the eyes and it would make them like God. Throughout history, every person has struggled with temptation. People have struggled because of their desire to take for themselves what God had not given them in terms of money, sex and power. They have struggled because of their willingness to promote their own agenda to get what they wanted even when it involved deceit (usually telling half-truths). They have struggled because they believed they were above God and above those who might challenge them. Essentially, the same story has repeated itself over and over again. Is there no way out of this destructive cycle? Observing the beautiful way of Jesus, we will find there is actually a way to overcome temptation. So, let’s look at Jesus.