2020 Fall Sermon Series


October 18, 2020

The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Way - Matthew


Have you heard of “The Beautiful Game”? Brazilian footballer Pelé made the phrase synonymous with soccer when he named his autobiography, My Life and the Beautiful Game. The Brazilians of Pelé’s generation played soccer with finesse, improvisation, freedom, and joy. Pelé was the one who played it best. For a time, he was the most famous person on earth. Wherever he went around the world, crowds gathered.

In this series of messages based on Matthew’s Gospel, we are studying the Beautiful Way. When it comes to the Beautiful Way, no one ever has lived it like Jesus. He went through all the towns and villages of Galilee teaching in the synagogues, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease. The response, in Israel and beyond, was stunning. Crowds followed. They wanted to see and hear Him. What did He teach that was so intriguing?