2020 Fall Sermon Series


November 8, 2020

Only Two Ways

The Beautiful Way - Matthew


We have the awesome privilege of making all kinds of choices in life, both small ones and big ones. Will we eat cereal or eggs for breakfast? Will we play soccer or ice hockey? Will we remain in this geographical area or move elsewhere? Will we pursue this career or that career? Will we study at Simon Fraser University or the University of British Columbia? We face a myriad of choices every day. BUT, one choice is critical and we have to choose. Staying in the place of indecision is already deciding. We must choose one path or the other.

At the end of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount, He presents two ways “in the woods of life” as it were, which on the surface are very similar, but one of the ways is poisonous. There are two paths “in the woods”: one has a narrow gate, the other a wide gate. There are two trees “in the woods”: one bears good fruit, the other bad fruit. There are two houses “in the woods”: one has a solid foundation, the other is built on sand. Both ways appear to be good, but one is poison. Jesus says, “Choose.” What are the two ways?