2020 Fall Sermon Series


November 22, 2020

Desire, Divorce, And Deceit: What Does Jesus Say?

The Beautiful Way - Matthew


Sex, marriage, and truth are beautiful. How is that for getting to the point? The truth is we have a hard time talking about sexuality, marriage, and truth because we are so broken and confused in these three areas. For some, it is hard to listen to a message entitled, “Desire, Divorce, and Deceit,” because you have been deeply hurt by desire; that is, people lusting after you rather than seeing you. Others have suffered through a lengthy divorce, the termination of what was to last a lifetime. You have suffered the pain of deceit, your partner’s willful betrayal of trust you deposited in them. I have no desire to add to anyone’s pain or stress today. Instead, my desire is to share what Jesus has to say.