February 7, 2021

Specks and Planks

The Beautiful Way Part 2 - Matthew


This life is full of surprises and unexpected journeys. We experience a great many things as we go through each day, and sometimes those experiences can leave us feeling anxious. In an ever-changing world where the future seems uncertain, worry and fear run rampant. We are tempted to trust only in ourselves and do our best to provide everything we need. God has created us to depend on and trust in Him – not an easy thing to do unless we get to know Him. How can we know we can trust God?

Questions for Reflection:

  • How has your Heavenly Father shown you His faithfulness? Share big and small examples
  • What circumstances presently make it hard for you to trust your Heavenly Father? What fear is behind that distrust?
  • Is there a verse you know or from today that you can reflect on when you are caught in anxiety? How can you bring that verse to mind throughout your days (eg. write it on your mirror, sticky notes on the fridge, etc.)?