March 7, 2021

Wolves Wearing Wool

The Beautiful Way Part 2 - Matthew


As Jesus draws His Sermon on the Mount to a close, He speaks of two gates, one narrow and the other wide; there are two kinds of prophets, some true and others false; two kinds of disciples, authentic followers and those who pretend; and finally, there are two foundations, one a rock and the other sand. In these final four scenes, all of humanity stands before Jesus. Decisions must be made. Dire warnings are given. We fail to pay attention to our own peril.

In each of Jesus’ warnings, each one of us must make a decision: Are we with Jesus or against Him? Have we entered His kingdom or are we committed to another kingdom? Do we want the counter-culture of heaven or do we prefer the prevailing culture of earth? Do we want what is eternal or what is immediate and fleeting? DO we want to live or die? And, our decisions have eternal consequences. What are we to do?