March 14, 2021

The Way of Wisdom

The Beautiful Way Part 2 - Matthew


Jesus concludes his Sermon on the Mount with these words: “The house fell with a great crash!” Boom! Over! Wiped out! Total collapse! Why does Jesus end his sermon this way?

Those before him, on a hillside northwest of Capernaum, need to make a decision.  

In the crowds are some very religious people and some not so religious. Jesus sees where their life roads are taking them. He loves them. Their eternal destiny is at stake. If they don’t pay attention, the storms of life will come and their houses will be flattened!

Jesus understands that we all have a foundation for our lives. We cannot escape it. Everyone believes something about good and bad, about what is true and false. Everyone believes something about salvation. Everyone believes something about the future. Everyone believes something about what stands and what doesn’t. What is the way of wisdom? 

Questions for Reflection:

1. In what ways have you heard the teaching of Jesus and put it into practice?

2. In what ways have you heard the teaching of Jesus and not put it into practice?

3. How do you know when you are building on sand and when you are building on the sure foundation of Jesus?