August 15, 2021

Word Wise

The Lost Art of Wisdom - Proverbs


We all interact with words every day. Statistics and studies tell us that men and women about 16,000 words each day on average. That is a lot of words that come out of our mouths and it isn’t just the words we speak that matter it is also the words we type and text. Words are rarely neutral they have the ability to really hurt, but they also have the ability to help and heal. Today we will be talking about being “Word Wise” and smart in how we use our words.

Questions for Reflection:

  • When it comes to using your words where is your struggle?
  • Are there any people you need to seek forgiveness from because of hurtful words in the past?
  • Who needs to hear kind words from you more often or who needs to hear words spoken in love from you?
  • Who are some people in your circle who can help you “tame your tongue” and use your words more wisely?