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Small Groups Shepherding Cohort

 At the end of his second letter to Timothy, as the Apostle Paul languished in Roman jail, he wrote this to his trusted friend: “Get Mark and bring him with you, for he is useful to me for ministry…When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and also the books, and above all the parchments.” (2 Timothy 4:13)  Even in his old age, the Apostle Paul continued to need to connect with other ministry leaders and continued to learn!  We also want to continue to do that as shepherds of God’s people.  

Each small group leader is part of a shepherding cohort and once a year we want you to come and meet with a few others to be encouraged, to give us feedback on how we can better serve you and to continue to learn how to be effective small group leaders.  A list of the Shepherding Cohorts and when they will be held is listed below.  If you have questions, please see the FAQ’s (below) or e-mail Pastor Andy

Cohort Check In Dates

Sundays @ 11:30 am, Room 3020

Burnaby (Lougheed)
       Oct 19, 2014
New Westminster             Oct 26, 2014
Vancouver / North Van     Nov 2, 2014
Vancouver / Richmond    Nov 9, 2014
Burnaby (Metrotown)      Feb 1, 2015
Burnaby (Deer Lake)       Feb 8, 2015
Coquitlam / Metro-East   Feb 15, 2015
Burnaby (Brentwood)     Feb 22, 2015
Vancouver (Joyce)          Mar 1, 2015
Tri-Cities                           Mar 8, 2015
Burnaby (Edmonds)        Mar 15, 2015
Surrey / Delta / Langley   Apr 12, 2015


How do I know which shepherding cohort I am in?

Shepherding Cohorts are arranged by geography so whichever city you live in will determine which cohort you are in.  However if there is more than one cohort in your city (Burnaby for instance) they are built around a particular landmark (usually a Skytrain station).  If you are still unsure which cohort you are in, e-mail Jenny and she will be glad to let you know.

What if I can’t attend my cohort when it is scheduled?

We are quite keen that every small group leader attend a cohort each year.  Ideally we would like you to attend the one you are part of because we want you to develop ongoing connections with the other shepherds in your cohort.  However, if you can’t make the scheduled time, please e-mail Jenny and we will arrange for you to join another cohort that meets at another time.

Can I invite my co-leader to join me at the cohort?

Sure!  We would love to have them come too.    

Do both I and my spouse need to attend the shepherding cohort, or is just one of us okay?

Naturally you are both very welcome and we would love to have you both join us.  However it isn’t necessary.  The person who will be doing the primary leading should be the one committed to coming and the other one is welcome to join them. 

What about childcare during that time?

We don’t provide childcare during this time.  However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of options.  One is to take your children with you to the 10:00 a.m. service (it is possible!) and then put them into Sunday School during the time of the Shepherding Cohort meeting.  A second option is to have the spouse who will be the primary leader attend the modules while the other spouse takes the children to the café for lunch.  And of course, if you have two vehicles, one spouse can stay and the other take the children home after their service.