Specialty Groups


Discipleship Pathway Classes - coming soon!

Intensive Discipleship

Intensive Discipleship classes are for those who seek training, accountability, and mentorship in their faith.

Creation Science

We can look at the evidence in all creation around us from either an evolutionary worldview or a biblical worldview. This group aims to learn how to combat the lie of evolution.

Pure Desire (men)

A men's group addresses the evidence-based understanding that sexual bondage and the associated struggles are a family systems issue, not just an individual problem. 

Betrayal & Beyond (women)

A women's group for those whose lives are shattered by the impact of sexual betrayal and broken trust in relationship or marriage.

Home Improvement (men)

A men's group focuses on helping men deal with unhealthy relational patterns that threaten to end their marriages.

When Love Hurts (women)

A women's group for those who are struggling with relationship dynamics that escalate into potentially abusive behavior.