Staff Directory



Alma Blanco    Admin Assistant (Finance)   x1029

Amanda Ponte     Ministry Associate (Kids Volunteer Coordinator)     x1089

Angelo Williams    Technician (Service & Events Audio Tech)    x1083

Blair Staples    Ministry Associate (Missions)

Brad Bates    Pastor of Local Outreach     x1013   

Brett Janzen    Connection Director    x1022

Brody Loewen    Pastor (Student Ministries Grades 6-7)    x1050

Carter Reimer   Pastoral Intern 

CJ Limvalencia    Worship Leader & Reception

David Yang    Communications    x1095

Don MacLeod    Maintenance Manager   x3001


Isaac Lee    Pastor (Marriage & Fellowship Ministries)   x1019

James Vanderveen    Pastor (Willingdon School of the Bible)    x1065

Janis Chan    Communications Manager    x1073

Jesse Criss    Pastor (Students Grade 11-12)     x1005

Jessica Li   Events Coordinator     x1070

John Best    Pastor (Global Ministries)    x1093

Jonathan Caramay    Pastor of Children's Ministry

Jordan Chanin   Pastoral Intern

Karen Chan    Admin Assistant (Discipleship Ministries)    x1094

Ken Reeve    Accountant    x1004



Lauren Opelka    Ministry Associate (Students)   x1038

Lee Absolom    Videographyer    x1037

Linda Kiing   Reception and Resource Centre

Mark Janzen    Pastor  of Student Ministries  & Riptide Gr 8-10    x1063

Marko Delac    Kitchen    x1046

Marlyn Zidkovich    Admin Assistant (WSB, Media & Communications)    x1021

Meghan Pritchard     Ministry Associatate(Imagine)     x1006

Michelle Lee    Admin Assistant (Discipleship Ministries)    x1026

Nancy Clark    Music/Media and Communications Manager

Naomi Balzer  Front Office  (Database)    x1020

Nathan Archer    Pastoral Intern

Nicole Shen   Ministry Associate (Clubhouse K-Gr. 1)    x1014

Nigel Li    Technician (Technical Support)

Norm Schmidt    Pastor (Discovery, Baptism/Membership)    x1009


Penny Fuchihara     Executive Director 

Ray Harms-Wiebe    Lead Pastor 

Richard Young    Pastor    Speciality Track Intern Discovery & Pure Desire    x1042

Ron Clark    Pastor (Worship/Music, Media & Communications)    x1010

Roslyn Klassen    Front Office Manager    x1008


Sherie Etches    Admin Assistant (Students)    x1064 

Shirley Fong    Ministry Associate (International Language Ministries)    x1054

Silas Lui    MAC Technician (Technical Support)    

Sophia Tam    Admin Assistant (Admin and Operations)    x1055

Tomoko Kashima     Ministry Associate (Nursery)    x1082

Tony Castro    Pastoral Intern 

Trevor Berry    Pastor (Student Ministries - Generate Young Adults)    x1066

Walter Patterson    Pastor (Care)    x1015

Willy Reimer    Pastor (Discipleship)    x1030

Yvelyn Tang    Director of Early Childhood Ministries (Children's)   x1025