Myanmar Fundraising Project

Goal: Raise $30,000 for Urgent Relief for Myanmar

Project Multiply’s (formerly MB Mission) network of Myanmar pastors in both Myanmar and Thailand are working with their communities to give sacrificially in order to bring humanitarian aid to areas of significant need in Myanmar. Willingdon Church is joining in this effort to provide urgent relief. Our goal of $30,000 will bring food relief to 10 villages for 6 months.

Update from our partners from Multiply: Feb 18, 2022

One of Multiply’ s missionaries to Myanmar writes. “We want to thank you (Willingdon) for listening to the Holy Spirit and raising emergency aid…  Many months ago, when you were speaking about this need with your church members, we had no idea …increased fighting on the Myanmar/Thai border (would) result in thousands of refugees fleeing… This past week we started to take truckloads of food into the newest refugee camps…. We are reaching thousands of people living in tents with food, tracts and solar Bibles…. thousands heard the Gospel and responded in Rakhine state on the western side of Myanmar… All this has been possible because of Willingdon’s generous gift to the people of Myanmar.  Thank you for empowering us with funds that allow us to give food aid and share the Good News with hundreds of desperate people. We couldn’t have foreseen this [increasing] need months ago. But the Holy Spirit was leading your church family in this decision. Thank you.”

Update: Nov 30, 2021

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. We have met and exceeded our goal of $30, 000.

Project Description:

Since February 2021, Myanmar has been in turmoil. Not only is Covid having a substantial impact in Myanmar, but there has also been much political and military turmoil.  Many people have been arrested, tortured, and killed; this includes believers who are engaged in peaceful protest against a violent military coup.

Multiply’s (formerly MB Mission) network of Myanmar pastors (in both Myanmar and Thailand) are working with their communities to give sacrificially in order to bring humanitarian aid to areas of significant need in Myanmar. These marginalized and oppressed migrant workers in Thailand are generously and compassionately giving and assisting those in need.  Recently, one of the Myanmar pastors in Thailand rescued a group of starving migrant workers, brought them to the church to stay, fed them, and then led them all to the Lord. Now, he is taking them through a discipleship training course!

We have an opportunity to serve in a tangible way by contributing funds to help support urgent relief efforts.

Project Need:

The scope of the need is probably beyond measure, but $30,000 CAD (our target) will help our MB family feed 10 villages for 6 months.  All funds raised for this project would be directed to Multiply’s Myanmar Urgent Relief Project.

How to give:

Note:  We will be closing the Myanmar Special project fund. However, you can continue to support other projects in Myanmar by donating through  Multiply.