Making followers of Jesus who reach out, connect with others, grow in godliness, serve like Christ and honour God. We're serious about following Jesus and having fun. Welcome to the Willingdon Church Student Ministry.

High Voltage | Grades 6 & 7

High Voltage is the place to be for grade 6 & 7 students. If you're into ridiculous fun and life-changing lessons from the Bible, come hang out with us.

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Riptide | Grades 8-10

If you’re in grades 8-10, then Riptide is the place for you! We’re all about helping you to connect to Jesus and to the larger church, as well as making some lasting friendships and having a lot of fun!

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Encounter | Grades 11 & 12

Encounter exists to help grade 11 & 12 students know Jesus Christ personally and carry on His ministry as they navigate the last years of high school, partnering with parents in equipping them in faith for graduation and beyond.

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Generate | Young Adults

Generate aims to help young adults ages 18-30 to know Jesus Christ personally and to carry on His ministry as they emerge into adulthood.

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More Info

We have some amazing events and gatherings. Check out the individual ministry pages and see what is coming your way!

Parents: Please note that your son/daughter must be registered for our programs. You can download the registration form here and hand it in when your student comes to our program for the first time!

If you have a son or daughter with special needs, please check out the Imagine Ministry page!