The Story of Luminita Maior


Written by Luminta Maior (Baptized November 22, 2015)

I grew up in an Romanian Orthodox environment with some basic knowledge of God and Christian traditions. But I did not know the personal relationship with God.

I felt in love with God's Creation. And instead of being in the church onweekends I spent my free time outdoors admiring nature.  

This year I realized that something was mission my life, and that was the personal relationship with the Creator.

Dorin & Sorina Hudea invited me to their Small Group, and there, I learned about God, my Heavenly Father and Creator, and His great love for me by sacrificing Jesus Christ to save me from my sins.  I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and since then my desire to know more of Jesus has been growing.


Before, I visited Willingdon Church a few times, because my good friend and neighbour Gabriela invited me to events such as the Lady's Tea, Christmas productions and some of th eweekend services.  I was amazed at how people from different cultures were together under one God worshipping Him.

I always liked people, but since I received Jesus, my lofe for people got a new dimension. The love that I received from Jesus, I want to express in my actions towards people around me.

Now I understand that I am a part of His body as 1 Corinthins 12:13 says: "For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body - Jews or Greeks, slaves or free - and all were to drink of one Spirit."   I desire to be involved in the life of my church family, enjoying, helping and serving other members.