Topical Study Library


Pastor Andy's TOP 4 PICKS

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"Prodigal God" by Tim Keller
A clear and brilliant story telling of Luke 15. It will challenge your faith in how you understand God's grace and how you might show His grace to others.

"Apologetics" by Matt Chandler
People have common questions about God and faith whether they are Christians or not. In this series Matt Chandler gives the Biblical answer to some common questions people have. This series can serve to build up one's faith in God as well as to dialogue with those who have questions.

"Gospel in Life" by Tim Keller
Another incredible series by Tim Keller.  This series focuses on how the Gospoel changes everything.  From transforming your life to how your transformed life is living out the Gospel every day.

"Time of Your Life" by Andy Stanley
Andy is a great communicator and here he challenges his audience to consider the finality of one's life.  Andy challenges us in how we use our time; time wasted, time passed, and time used in our life.