Why GroupServe


Why GroupServe?

We want to encourage Small Groups to take the opportunity at least once a quarter to serve in some capacity outside of their regular Small Group meetings. This has great value in a number of ways. Not only does it assist those who are being served, it also makes a group to grow closer together through working as a team. And above all, it is a way of demonstrating the love of God to the people that we serve.

Think About It

Within your group – helping people within your group who are in need.
Within the church – serving in various ministries around the church.
Within the community – e.g. Journey Home, UGM, Food Bank, etc...


MEET Esther Barber, our GroupServe coordinator!

Esther is our volunteer GroupServe coordinator. She is married to Greg.

Esther is orignally from the Netherlands, working as a social worker. Currently she is a stay-at-home mom with 2 beautiful children and using her gifts and time by volunteering at the church and other various organizations such as Journey Home Community, a ministry to refugees. 

Her passion is for people to discover their gifts and find their place in the body of Christ.    

Contact Esther to learn more about current GroupServe opportunities.

Any questions or to discuss other ideas, email GroupServe.