Willingdon Church Center


Willingdon is now on Church Center

Willingdon is transitioning to the Church Center App.

Willingdon Church is excited to introduce a new way for you to stay connected and engaged in our church community. 

Church Center is a hub for communications between you and Willingdon Church on mobile or on your computer. You will receive updates, register for classes or events and connect with others in our community.

Starting this Fall when you logged in, you will receive content specific to you and to the groups you are involved with.

(we are currently in the process of setting up Life Groups and other Groups. Thank you to everyone who has responded to "profile update" and "group setup" emails. We greatly appreciate your co-operation.)


To access Church Center on Mobile

Download the App

STEP 1: Please download the app through the Google Play or the Apple App Store.

or search for the "Church Center App"
(please note you DO NOT need to download any Planning Center related apps, - people, check in or headcounts or services)

Step 2: Search for Willingdon Church and set us as your church.


To Access Church Center on your Computer/Browser

Search for willingdon.churchcenter.com

Don't forget to log in (top right corner) to see our personalized information in the browser version of Willingdon.ChurchCenter.


More About Church Center

You can read much more about Church Center in the "start here" section in willingdon.churchcenter.com