Women's Abide Conference


Even Better Than Eden:  How the Bible's Story Changes Everything About Your Story

The Garden of Eden was never meant to be static. It was always headed somewhere—from good to glorious. Adam lost that goodness for us. Yet all who are joined to Christ can look forward not just to restoration, but to consummation. Everything about the new creation will be better than the first. We’ll have a more faithful bridegroom, enjoy a better rest, be better dressed, live in greater security, and bear the image of God more beautifully.  This reality changes everything about our present as well as our future.

Praise the Lord for drawing close to 600 women to the 2018 Abide Conference where speaker, Nancy Guthrie, author & international speaker, shared from her upcoming book, “Even Better Than Eden”. There were three sessions covering “The Story of the Wilderness”, “The Story of the Offspring”, and “The Story of the Bridegroom”, each ending with a hymn sung in acapella. Weaving from the Old Testament into the New Testament, Nancy shared about man’s discontent in the Garden of Eden and in the wilderness, the battle between the offspring of the serpent and the woman, preparation of the bride(every nation) over time through His redeeming work to prepare the brides for the Bridegroom’s arrival. A separate workshop, "What Grieving People Wish You Knew”, was held afterwards for church leaders on helping those who are grieving and hurting. 

Our prayer is that God will continue to perfect His work in the lives of these women that came for the ultimate arrival of the Bridegroom!


Nancy Guthrie

Nancy teaches the Bible through numerous Bible study books like The Wisdom of God and Hoping for Something Better, at her home church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Tennessee, as well as at conferences in North America and Internationally.  She and her husband also offer companionship and Biblical insight to those grieving the death of a child through respite retreats, Griefshare video series and books such as Holding on to Hope and also hosts the "Help Me Teach The Bible" podcast at the Gospel Coalition.


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