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Watch a short one-on-one interview between instructor Dr. Richard Goossen and Pastor Rob Penner to gain a better idea about the course and the instructor.

What's Your Point?
Making Sense of Life & Work

Course Description & Objectives 

Thursdays | April 15 – June 3 (8 sessions) | 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Course Description:
Are you clear about your calling? Do you know your purpose? Does your work fit into your identity? Or, does your identity fit into your work? Have you reflected deeply about how your past life experiences have shaped you for how God wishes to have you fulfill your ongoing calling?  Read the complete course description here.
Course Objectives:
1. To help individuals make sense of their life and work within the context of a biblical framework and to discover how their life experiences contribute to their unique and special purpose with three emphases.
2. First, biblical truths must be asserted in the context of our mainstream culture’s opposing focus on meaning tied to material possessions and secular pursuit of happiness.
3. Second, Christians need a clearer way to understand calling and how it applies practically to their lives.
4. Third, the course will connect meaning to the work environment. The workplace is where the vast majority of people—including many Christians—find their identity and meaning.
5. These three emphases make the course biblical, practical and relevant and will be delivered in an easy to understand manner, with a memorable seven point organizing framework.

Instructor: Dr. Rick Goossen

Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen serves an extensive network of high net worth entrepreneurs and family/business owners, built over decades of client contributions, collaboration, research, lecturing and volunteering. Rick is a sought-after strategic counsel and chair/advisory board member.  He works at Nicola Wealth, the fastest-growing independent wealth management firm in Canada, where he focuses on business development and being a liaison between his network and the extensive resources of Nicola Wealth.
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Course Syllabus

Required Reading
  • Richard J. Goossen & R. Paul Stevens, Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making A Difference (Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 2013) [available via Amazon].
  • Various materials to be made available by instructor throughout the course.
Please prepare ready the book for required reading before the course starts.
Find course syllabus in the "Downloads" section in the right column of the page; or you may also click here to download the file.
For the Spring 2021 term, all WSB courses will be conducted online via Zoom.  Close to the starting date of the course, another email will be sent to the class with the Zoom link.  You may save as your contact so not to miss our emails.  

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