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Physician Assisted Death: How Should We Respond?

The Supreme Court of Canada has recently ruled that people with grievous and irremediable medical conditions should have the right to ask a doctor to help them die.  In a recent poll, a large percentage of Canadians surveyed agreed that "a doctor should be able to help someone end their life if the person is a competent adult who is terminally ill, suffering unbearably and repeatedly asks for assistance to die."

How should we as believers respond?  To help us work through this issue, we invited Dr. Margaret Cottle to address the topic in a seminar sponsored by Willingdon School of the Bible, Adult Ministries and the Care & Prayer Team.

Dr. Cottle is a Palliative Care physician in Vancouver, BC, working in the Home Hospice Program, and teaching at the University of British Columbia medical school.  She speaks internationally about end of life issues and palliative care, and addressed members of the Canadian Parliament in 2006.  Dr. Cottle serves on the boards for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and the Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver.  Dr. Cottle and her husband, Dr. Robin Cottle, an ophthalmologist, have two children.


Dr. Cottle has made available to us her Power-Point presentation.  The slides can be downloaded below.

Download: Power-Point Slides



Rosaria Butterfield: A Welcoming Gospel

The Gospel is the most powerful thing anyone can encounter.

Rosaria Butterfield shares how life changing the Gospel has been in her life and how it can be for others. The former university professor and past lesbian activist struck up a friendship with a Bible believing couple who lived out the Gospel in their lives. Encouraged by them, and fascinated by the Bible and the question of who has authority over her life, Rosaria became an unlikely convert to Christianity.  But should her journey be so unlikely in our Christian communities?

This seminar challenges how we engage with non-believers and love our neighbours. By Jesus’ redeeming grace Rosaria shares the story of her conversion, the transformation in how she viewed her own identity and how it can help us reach out to our communities.