WSBM 440

Financial Wisdom: Eternal Principles for Today’s Challenges

There are biblically-based eternal principles which provide the building blocks of financial wisdom. This foundation will allow you to handle your present financial challenges and opportunities in the midst of changing economic dynamics. You will learn about core concepts such as stewardship and contentment. We will discuss the five ways to spend money: live, give, pay taxes, pay debt and grow. The objective of the course is to help each person develop consistent money habits which produce a lifetime of fruit.

WSBM 440: Financial Wisdom-Eternal Principles for Today’s Challenges

Course Information

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 7 – March 20 | 7:00-8:30pm

Course Format: In-Person

Cost: $75
(Should WSBM Student need financial support to participate please contact wsbm@

Last Day to Register: Monday, February 5, 2024

Textbooks :“God Owns it All” resources from the Ron Blue Institute (more information to be provided in class)