School of the Bible and Ministry

WSBM provides classes to equip Willingdon Church – head, heart and hands – to become more biblically literate and to serve more effectively in church and related ministry.

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What is Willingdon School of the Bible and Ministry?

Scripture is the primary way we can know God, and through it we learn what God cares about most in this world, and how we can best participate with Him, using our unique gifts for life and work in His Kingdom. This is why Scripture is the foundation of everything we do in WSBM.

You may have noticed that we added the word “Ministry” to the school’s title. Along with a continued focus on biblical studies, we also hope to equip the people of God for practical service in areas such as pastoral care and community outreach, for ministry both inside and outside the church family.

The psalmist said, “The entrance of your words gives light” (Ps. 119:130). We invite you into this learning community as we welcome together the light of God’s Word into our hearts.

Fall 2022 Courses

Check out the course offerings below.

  • 8 Evenings

    Foundational Course

    WSBM 140 Christian Theology & Living

    Tuesdays | Oct 18 – Dec 6

    This foundational course offers an overview of the core theological convictions (i.e., lived theology) of our church family under the lordship of Jesus.

  • 2 evenings & 1 day


    WSBM 215 Mark’s Portraits of Jesus

    Thursday to Saturday | Oct 20–22

    This course explores the life, mission and message of Jesus within the world of first-century Judaism. The Gospel of Mark is the primary source for this course. The course examines the words and deeds of Jesus, the impact he made on those who give allegiance to him and what this means for followers of Jesus today.

  • 8 Evenings

    WSBM 303 Fear and Anxiety

    Thursdays | Oct 13 – Dec 1

    This course seeks to explain fear and anxiety—their origins, causes and effects. It explores their theological relevance and the approach of psychology to mental disorders, and offers the practical tools to deal with these emotions in a biblical way.

Program Information

WSBM - Certificate Program

WSBM Certificate Program

Find out more about our certificate program which includes 12 college-level courses.

WSBM Policies

WSBM Policies

Find out more on admissions, Course Fees and Academic policies.

WSBM - MLA Style Guide

MLA Style Guide from CBC

WSBM courses use MLA citations for all papers. For more information, please view this style guide created by Columbia Bible College (CBC).

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