Happening at Willingdon

Stay Connected

Stay connected with everything going on at Willingdon Church using these handy methods below. Whether you want to receive information by email, podcast, notification or social, there is a way for you to stay informed about everything happening at Willingdon.

Our Latest Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter sent from Willingdon Church. This is our weekly bulletin and contains highlights from all the ministries.

On the Weekends

We are always Here to Help.

If you are here on a weekend, you can always connect with the church and get help any of the communications methods included above.

The Welcome Center is open during services for anyone who is a first time visitor or looking to connect with Willingdon Church. If you have questions about Willingdon or need some guidance on which groups or programs would suit you, they a great to talk with.

The Resource Center is able to help you with registrations and answers to church office questions like what is your tithing number. Also this is a great place to go for other printed resources, tithing at a debit station or dropping off an offering envelope.

Looking for translation help? The Translation Booth is located right next to the resource center in the lobby. Our translation booth team can get you connected with someone who speaks your language or help you with set up of the translation app to listen to the translated sermon.

Our Here to Help team is also located at a kiosk in the lobby. They love to answer general questions and help direct you to other ministry leaders.